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In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor

High Precision,Unique Algorithm,Product Integrated Measurement,Immersion Liquid Concentration Rapid Detection;

4-20mA/RS485 for Multiple Service Components,Support Small Program Set Parameters,Display and Switching Control Signal Output, Bluetooth Data Communication;

Easy to Install,Maintain and Use,Automatic Temperature Compensation,Customization.
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In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor

In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor is a kind of high precision optical instruments to measure liquid concentration,based on the principle of light refraction and total reflection, suitable for temperature below 0~80°C of various solution concentration detection.

Installed on the tank, it can detect the liquid concentration (that is, soluble solid content - Brix value) in the tank to monitor the operating status of the production process or the qualified rate of the product, and effectively ensure the unity and stability of product quality.

Usually installed in container walls, pools, tanks and other open applications. Product integrated measurement, display and switching control signal output, easy to install, easy to maintain and use.

Immersion Liquid Concentration Detection

Don not taking liquid , high precision measurement is simpler, multiple service components, can increase the Bluetooth data communication function.

In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor

In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor Product Advantage:

1、Directly immersed in the liquid, rapid detection, no need to take liquid.

2、High precision, unique algorithm, automatic temperature compensation.


4、Add Bluetooth communication function, support small program set parameters .

In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor Product Characteristics:

  1. Integrated measurement, display, support to add Bluetooth communication Settings, view parameters

  2.  4-20mA/RS485,for multiple service components

  3. Support customization to provide data modeling and testing services for customer specific solutions

In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor Technical Data:

In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor Technical Data

In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor Application Field:

Automobile maintenance/Food and beverage production/Biopharmaceutical/metal processing and manufacturing/Environmental protection chemical industry

In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor Successful Application:

1. Eeal-time detection the concentration of all kinds of industrial solutions, such as: cutting oil, lubricating oil, cleaning fluid, emulsion, release agent;
2. Concentration detection of various aqueous solutions (sauces, beers, worts, beverages, fruit juices, pharmaceutical stock, chemical solutions, slurries, etc.).

In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor Operate Guide:

The left picture is the product application simulation installation diagram, and the right picture is the actual application, which can be installed according to the liquid properties of the measurement site and the specific situation of the container. As shown in the picture, measured in a closed container

In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor Operate Guide

The Connection of In-Line Sensor In-Line Refractometer Sensor Power Cable:                                           

Interface Cable Color Definition:

The M12-5 waterproof plug is used to connect the supporting cable to the product body, and the other end is a loose cable. 

The cable is defined as follows:
1、Brown------ 24V+
2、White--------485 A+
3、Blue--------- 485 B-
4、Black-------- GND
5、Gray----------Connect the Ground(485 Protection)
6、Thick Black(Shielding Layer)-----E-GND,Connector Metal Ring


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Founded in 2013, Linghang Lijia is a supplier of liquid concentration measurement products and industry solutions

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