A Variety Of
Optical Measuring Instruments
Portable Digital Refractometer
Linear Array CMOS high-precision Sensor, High Sampling and Detection Accuracy;

Fast Measurement and High Precision Algorithm, Good Repeatability,Color LCD Display;

High-performance Waterproof Materials, Anti-fall and Anti-earthquake;

Automatic Temperature Compensation and NFC Data Communication.
Portable Digital Refractometer

Linear Array CMOS High-precision Sensor, High-precision and Unique Algorithm,
High Sampling and Rapid Detection, Good Repeatability, Automatic Calibration;

Ergonomic Design, Dustproof and Waterproof Design,
Removable Standard Lithium Battery Design;

Color LCD Display, Temperature, Sugar Degree,  Refractive Index One Screen Display,
Bluetooth Data Communication,  Automatic Temperature Compensation.


Desktop Digital Refractometer
Laboratory Dedicated, One-key and Fast Measurement,High Precision, Accuracy ±0.1%;

Bluetooth Data Communication, Automatically Record and Analyze Data Through APP;

Temperature, Concentration, Refractive Index Multi-display, Personalized Customization;

Unique Algorithm, Temperature Compensation, Automatic Calibration,Automatic Shutdown Without Operation.
Sugar Refractometer
The Linear CMOS Sensor, High Precision,Great Repeatability;

Small and Portable, Low Price,High-performance Waterproof, Anti-shock Material, Dustproof and Waterproof Design;

Multiple LCD Display, Fast Measurement and Calibration, Unique Algorithm,Automatic Temperature Compensation,Customized Production.
Probe Digital Refractometer
Small Size and High Precision,Unique Algorithm, Automatic Temperature Compensation;

Probe Nondestructive Liquid Concentration Detection,Safe and Fast Detection;

Bluetooth Data Communication, Automatic Data Recording (APP);

Front-end Detection Part Waterproof and Anti-corrosion Design;

Flexible Hose Design,Easy to Clean and Maintain,Support Customization;

PTFE Coating Resist All kinds of Acid and Alkali Corrosive Liquids.
Unique Services
Software Cloud Database Value-Added
Linghang Lijia focuses on the design and manufacture of liquid measuring instruments.
  Mobile Terminal Software (APP)
  PC Refractometer Application Software
  On-line Liquid Measurement Comprehensive Analysis Software
  WeChat Mini Program (Online Product On-site Configuration Software)
Provide You With
Exclusive Customized Services
Servitization of manufacturing industry is an important trend in the development of global manufacturing industry.
Linghang Lijia
What Makes Us Attract You?
Founded in 2013, Linghang Lijia is a supplier of liquid concentration measurement products and industry solutions, mainly providing portable digital refractometers, on-line liquid concentration sensors and other products.
We Are Committed To
Product Development
And Innovation
Linghang Lijia has provided differentiated products and professional industry solutions for food and beverage, fruit and vegetable processing, sugar industry, daily chemical, biopharmaceutical, clinical testing, petrochemical, metal manufacturing and many other fields. 
Its products are not only sold all over the country, but also exported to Europe, North America and Southeast Asia and other overseas markets .
Linghang Lijia
Unique Software Cloud Database Value-Added
Linghang Lijia

Analytica China 2018 came to a close on November 2. In this exhibition, Linghang Lijia with a number of the latest refractometer products made a stunning appearance, in the three-day exhibition attracted much attention, and in the exchange with many visiting customers and peers, has been widely reco

10 August 2023

Longhand Lijia MSDR-SH90 Online Liquid Concentration Sensor Hit the Market Linghang Lijia New Arrival MSDR-SH90! Not afraid of high temperature detection environment! MSDR-SH90 Online refractometer Product Advantages: 1.Sapphire prism, high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion r

10 August 2023

The important application of refractometer products in the measurement of quality of urea for vehicles In the hot summer weather, in order to ensure driving safety, please keep the following six points in mind:1、Prevent drowsy driving;2、Prevent road rage;3、Prevent engine overheating;4、Prevent

10 August 2023

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Founded in 2013, Linghang Lijia is a supplier of liquid concentration measurement products and industry solutions

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