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Portable Digital Refractometer

The Linear CMOS Sensor, High Precision,Great Repeatability;

Small and Portable, Low Price,High-performance Waterproof, Anti-shock Material, Dustproof and Waterproof Design;

Multiple LCD Display, Fast Measurement and Calibration, Unique Algorithm,Automatic Temperature Compensation,Customized Production.
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Portable Digital Refractometer

Portable Digital Refractometer with linear array CMOS high-precision sensor with high sampling accuracy and good repeatability and made of high-performance waterproof material uses ultra-low power consumption, and a No. 7 battery can be measured more than 15,000 times, can quickly measure the refractive index,sugar,brix,salinity,honey or the concentration of various liquid such as oil gasoline,auto glass of water,anti-freezing solution, cleaning fluid,urine,oil,water,beer,red wine,wine,coffee,honey,various fruit juice,chemicals or industrial solvent and other various liquid and so on.

 Portable Digital Refractometer

Portable Digital Refractometer Advantages:

1、Temperature, concentration, refractive index display in one screen, fast detection, no waiting.

2、Unique algorithm, temperature compensation, fast calibration, LCD display.
3、The sample pool can be washed with running water, dustproof and waterproof design (the body cannot be soaked).
4、Customized detection, one-key measurement, automatic shutdown without operation.

5、Portable and Exquisite, Low Price, Low power consumption, Anti-loss design, High accurate sensor.

Portable Digital Refractometer Technical Data:

Portable Digital Refractometer Technical Data

Portable Digital Refractometer Measuring Method:

Drip 2 to 3 Samples to the surface of prism refractometer -press “START” button, measured value and the temperature will be displayed within 2 seconds.

Portable Digital Refractometer Measuring Method

Portable Digital Refractometer Maintenance Skills

1. Please prepare the necessary tools : paper towels,alcohol, cotton swabs,water,etc

2. Using paper towels to wet out and clean the refractometer shell first and then  use alcohol to clean for the  stubborn dirt.

3. Clean the prism refractometer with clear water.

4. Then use cotton swabs clean the prism sticking on alcohol.Pay attention to cotton swabs only can follow along the prism to clean it and change to the other side to wipe after brushing,At Last rinse with water.

5. Finally test whether refractometer has been finished cleaning  using pure water.

As long as guarantee refractometer often cleaned, ensure that clean the digital refractometers simply after operation, can ensure extending the service life of equipment.

Portable Digital RefractometerApplication Field:

Portable Digital Refractometer is mainly used in food processing, automobile, medical, energy, textile, printing, chemical industry and other industries and laboratories, universities, research institutes and other units.

Application Industry

Food and Beverage Industry (measuring Brix saccharide and concentration of sugary drinks)

Fragrance and Fragrance Industry (qualitative testing and judging sample purity)

Automobile Transportation Industry (measuring the concentration of battery liquid, refrigerating liquid, melting snow agent, brake oil, glass water, freezing point and boiling point measurement)

Medical and Clinical Tests (hemoglobin, urine specific gravity, urine sugar monitoring and beverage sugar monitoring)

Metal Processing and Chemical Industry (concentration monitoring of cleaning fluid and cutting fluid)

Textile Printing Industry (starch, shaping machine, organic concentration detection, determination of pulp density)

How to Calibrate Portable Digital Refractometer?

Portable Digital Refractometer only supports pure water (0%) calibration, and the calibration method is as follows. Drop 0.2mL~0.3mL pure water into the sample tank and cover shading cover to calibrate.Press 'CAL' calibration button once to start calibration. After calibration is completed, '-end' will be displayed. Press other keys, no operation. If you do not press any keys, it will return to the power on state after 10 seconds.

Portable Digital Refractometer TIPS:

1. Please wipe with a soft cloth or paper to avoid scratching the drip glass.

2.When the dropper and dust-free cloth are not in use, please wash them with water and dry them then put them in the packaging box.

3.If you do not use the device for a long time, remove the battery and store it in a dry and cool environment.

4. When used outdoors, please avoid strong light so as not to affect the measurement accuracy.
5. Please keep the instrument in a stable and still statement and position.

Portable Digital Refractometer Packing:

Packaging x1 The Instructions x1 AAA Batteries x1
Dropper x1 Bolt driver x1 Digital Refractometer x1


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