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Auto Portable Digital Refractometer For DMF Concentration

The Linear CMOS Sensor, High Precision,Great Repeatability;

Small and Portable, Low Price,High-performance Waterproof, Anti-shock Material, Dustproof and Waterproof Design;

Multiple LCD Display, Fast Measurement and Calibration, Unique Algorithm,Automatic Temperature Compensation,Customized Production.


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Auto Portable Digital Refractometer For DMF Concentration

Auto Portable Digital Refractometer For DMF Concentration using linear CMOS sensor with high precision and great repeatability.The exterior shell is made of high-performance waterproof and anti-shock material. The product has low power consumption.

This product is small and portable with a low price, and is suitable for daily health care, food and beverage industry procurement, medical care, automotive and other industries.

Auto Portable Digital Refractometer For DMF Concentration

Auto Portable Digital Refractometer For DMF Concentration Techinial Data:

Scales: DMF- Dimethylformamide  Refractive Index:1.32600 - 1.40390  Brix 0.0 - 55.0


ACCURACY : ±0.2%


RESOLUTION: (Brix)0.1%

Measurement Temperature: 0-40℃(ATC)

Environment Temperature: 0-40℃(ATC)

Sample Volume Needed: >0.2ml

Power Supply: 1XAAA Battery

Dim/G.M:58(W)X25(D)X121(H)mm,90G(excluding battery)

Measure Time: 2S

Protection Class: IP65

Auto Portable Digital Refractometer For DMF Concentration Advantages:

1、Temperature, concentration, refractive index display in one screen, fast detection, no waiting.

2、Unique algorithm, temperature compensation, fast calibration, LCD display.
3、The sample pool can be washed with running water, dustproof and waterproof design (the body cannot be soaked).
4、Customized detection, one-key measurement, automatic shutdown without operation.

Auto Portable Digital Refractometer For DMF Concentration Application Field:

Mainly used in food processing, automobile, medical, energy, textile, printing, chemical industry and other industries and laboratories, universities, research institutes and other units.

Food and Beverage Industry (measuring Brix saccharide and concentration of sugary drinks)

Fragrance and Fragrance Industry (qualitative testing and judging sample purity)

Automobile Transportation Industry (measuring the concentration of battery liquid, refrigerating liquid, melting snow agent, brake oil, glass water, freezing point and boiling point measurement)

Medical and Clinical Tests (hemoglobin, urine specific gravity, urine sugar monitoring and beverage sugar monitoring)

Metal Processing and Chemical Industry (concentration monitoring of cleaning fluid and cutting fluid)

Textile Printing Industry (starch, shaping machine, organic concentration detection, determination of pulp density)

Auto Portable Digital Refractometer For DMF Concentration Successful Application:

Dimethylformamide (DMF) is an excellent organic solvent with high boiling point, low freezing point, good chemical and thermal stability, and is also used in organic synthesis, dyes, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining and resin industries.

Auto Portable Digital Refractometer for DMF Concertration can be directly installed on the production process pipeline or tank container, continuous measurement of liquid refraction in the pipeline, not only has a wide range, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fast calculation speed, high measurement accuracy, as well as automatic temperature compensation, automatic cleaning prism and other functions, simple and convenient operation, less maintenance, stable and reliable work. Can realize 24 hours automatic continuous measurement of product line.

How to Calibrate Auto Portable Digital Refractometer For DMF Concentration?

Auto Portable Digital Refractometer For DMF Concentration only supports pure water (0%) calibration, and the calibration method is as follows. Drop 0.2mL~0.3mL pure water into the sample tank and cover shading cover to calibrate.Press 'CAL' calibration button once to start calibration. After calibration is completed, '-end' will be displayed. Press other keys, no operation. If you do not press any keys, it will return to the power on state after 10 seconds.

Auto Portable Digital Refractometer For DMF Concentration Measure Corrosive Liquids Notes:

Never left the remains and residuals of samples in the sample plate for long time.After finishing measurements of the corrosive liquid, please clean the sample plate as quick as possible to avoid the irreparable damage of the prism and metal surface of the plate.

Auto Portable Digital Refractometer For DMF Concentration Package:

Plastic Packaging x1   The Instructions x1    AAA Batteries x1    Dropper x1    Bolt Driver x1    Digital Refractometer x1


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