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Car Refractometer

Car Refractometer can be used to determine the concentration of AdBlue/DEF. AdBlue/DEF is a clear, odorless, environmentally friendly mixture of distilled water and 32.5% synthetic urea. The proper concentration of AdBlue/DEF is essential to reduce harmful nox emissions and shorten the service life of SCR components. Therefore, the determination of AdBlue/DEF concentration can be perfectly solved by using Car Refractometer.

Car Refractometer can be used to determine the concentration and freezing point of antifreeze and mixture ratio of antifreeze

The concentration of antifreeze and the reduction of freezing point can be measured with the Navigator online refractoscope, which makes it easy to ensure the frost resistance of antifreeze mixtures made from water and ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, etc.

Car Refractometer can be used for the determination of the specific gravity of battery liquid, and can be used to check the specific gravity and use state of the internal electrolysis of the automobile battery.

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