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Chlorophyll Meter

Rapid Non-destructive Plant Detection,Simultaneously Measurement and Display

Use Llithium Battery Power,With Backlight Function,Chinese and English Switch.

Historical Data View,The measurement data can be connected to the computer

Back and Save the record data and curves in EXCEL Format and BMP Picture Format
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Chlorophyll Meter

Use of the Instrument Chlorophyll Meter

Chlorophyll Meter can measure the relative chlorophyll content (unit SPAD) or green degree, nitrogen content, leaf moisture, leaf temperature of the plant in real time, so as to understand the true nitro requirements of the plant and understand the degree of soil nitro deficiency or whether too much nitrogen fertilizer is applied. This instrument can increase the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer and protect the environment. It can be widely applied to the research of plant physiological indexes and the guidance of agricultural production in agriculture and forestry related research institutes and universities.

Chlorophyll Meter

Chlorophyll Meter Functional Features

Rapid non-destructive plant detection, does not affect plant growth.

Use lithium battery power, with backlight function.

Chinese and English one-click switch.

All parameters can be measured simultaneously in one operation and displayed in real time.

The four parameters of nitrogen, chlorophyll, leaf temperature and leaf humidity are displayed on the same screen at the same time and can be stored at the same time.

Historical data view, can be sequential view, can also jump to view.

Historical data can be deleted one by one or all with one click.

Data saved in the host after an unexpected power failure is not lost.

The measurement data can be connected to the computer to export the measurement data, which is convenient for the management and analysis of plant nutrients.

The stored recorded data can be backed up and saved in EXCEL format, which is convenient to usel later.

The stored data curves can be backed up and saved in BMP picture format, which is convenient for future use.

Host computer: equipped with host computer data analysis and observation software.

Display each parameter process curve trend, maximum, minimum, average display view, zoom in, zoom out function.

You can query the reports and curves of each parameter in a specified period.

Chlorophyll Meter Technical Parameters:

1. Measurement Range: Chlorophyll:0.0-99.9SPAD

  Nitrogen Content:0.0-99.9mg/g

  Foliar Moisture:0.0-99.9RH%

  Blade Surface Temperature:-10-99.9℃

2. Measurement Accuracy: Chlorophyll: Within±1.0 SPAD units (At Room Temperature, SPAD values range from 0 to 50)

    Nitrogen Content:±5%

    Foliar Humidity:±5%

   Leaf Surface Temperature:±0.5℃

3. Repeatability: Chlorophyll: Within±0.3 SPAD units (SPAD values between 0-50)

   Nitrogen Content: ±0.5 units

   Foliar Humidity: ±0.5 units

   Leaf Surface Ttemperature: ±0.2℃

4. Measuring Area: 2mm*2mm Blade Thickness: the thickest 5mm

5. Measurement Interval: less than 3 seconds

6. Data Storage Capacity: 32KB

7. Power Supply: 4.2V Rechargeable Llithium Battery

8. Battery Capacity: 2000mah

9. Weight: 200g

10. Working Environment :-10℃~50℃≤85% Relative Humidity


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