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Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer

The Linear CMOS Sensor, High Precision,Great Repeatability;

Small and Portable, Low Price,High-performance Waterproof, Anti-shock Material, Dustproof and Waterproof Design;

Multiple LCD Display, Fast Measurement and Calibration, Unique Algorithm,Automatic Temperature Compensation,Customized Production.

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Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer

Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer has an automatic temperature compensation feature which increases measurement precision.

Products are the small size with a beautiful appearance, easy to use, fast and stable response.

Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometers are particularly easy to use and very sturdy. The shell of the product is made of high-performance waterproof and shockproof material.

Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometers provide more accurate readings, making it easier to combine calibration and temperature compensation.

They're also easy to use, and even unskilled users can get consistent readings of the same sample.

Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer

Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer Selling Features:

Portable and Exquisite, Low Price, Low power consumption, Anti-loss design, High accurate sensor.

Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer Advantages:

1.Professional engineer to ensure the quality;

2.Factory and manufacturer to ensure the price;

3.Product line to ensure the lead time;

Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer Specification:

MODLE:Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer

BRIX: 0.0-90%

REFRACTIVE INDEX: ND1.3330 to 1.5177


ACCURACY : ±0.2%



Measurement Temperature: 0-40℃(ATC)

Environment Temperature: 0-40℃(ATC)

Sample Volume Needed: >0.2ml

Power Supply: 1XAAA Battery

Dim/G.M:58(W)X25(D)X121(H)mm,90G(excluding battery)

Measure Time: 2S

Protection Class: IP65

The Prism Material: Ordinary Optical Glass

Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer Application Field:

Sodium hydroxide, commonly known as caustic soda, is a very corrosive alkali, generally flake or granular form, easily soluble in water (dissolved in water when heat) and form an alkaline solution, and delixizing, easy to absorb water vapor in the air. Sodium hydroxide is widely used in papermaking, soap, dyes, rayon, aluminum refining, tungsten refining, dyes, plastics, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, cotton fabric production, coal tar product purification, food processing, wood processing, machinery industry and other industries.

Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer, by measuring the refractive index of sodium chloride, to quickly detect the concentration of sodium hydroxide solution

How to Calibrate Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer?

Calibrate Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer

Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer Notes:

1.Please use this instrument according to the instruction, be careful when using. Do not loose any connection part arbitrarily, prevent violent shock, impact and falling off.

2. Use and soft cloth to wipe the instrument, do not put into water directly to and avoid scratch of surface.

3. Storage the instrument at dry and non-corrosive place.

4. Storage the part well.

Sodium Hydroxide Digital Refractometer Package List: 

1 x Refractometer  1 x Dropper  1 x Screwdriver  1 x User Manual 


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