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Desktop Auto Digital Refractometer

Laboratory Dedicated, One-key and Fast Measurement,High Precision, Accuracy ±0.1%;

Bluetooth Data Communication, Automatically Record and Analyze Data Through APP;

Temperature, Concentration, Refractive Index Multi-display, Personalized Customization;

Unique Algorithm, Temperature Compensation, Automatic Calibration,Automatic Shutdown Without Operation.
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Desktop Auto Digital Refractometer

Desktop Auto Digital Refractometer, MSDR-D series refractometer using linear CMOS sensor with high precision and great repeatability. A 5-inch LCD screen allows for easy reading. The standard 18650 lithium battery can be replaced by the user. Also with the PC software application,users can customize line programming and have their own lines. This product can be used in scientific research,food and beverage, automobile and other industries

Desktop Auto Digital Refractometer

Desktop Auto Digital Refractometer Selling Point and Advantages:

5 inch big LCD screen, 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery, Supporting PC application software, High accurate sensor, Customizing and Creating needed scales

High Accuracy (Brix) 0.1%,Requires only a few drops of sample, Measurement in 2 seconds

Automatic Temperature Compensation

The function keys are simple, clear and easy to operate; high accuracy and durable

High-performance waterproof and anti-shock material

Desktop Auto Digital Refractometer Technical Data:

Desktop Auto Digital Refractometer Technical Data

Desktop Auto Digital Refractometer Specification

Measurement Range:(Brix): 0.0-94.0%

REFRACTIVE INDEX: 1.3330nD to 1.5290nD


ACCURACY: (Brix) 0.1%

ACCURACY: 0.0002nD

RESOLUTION: (Brix)0.1%

Measurement Temperature: 0-40℃(ATC)

Environment Temperature: 0-40℃(ATC)

Sample Volume Needed: >0.4ml

Power Supply: 18650 rechargeable battery

Dim/G.M: 180(W)X100(D)X55(H)mm,365G(excluding battery)

Measure Time: 2S

Protection Class: IP67 for the sensor

The Prism Material: Ordinary Optical Glass

Features: 5inch big LCD screen, 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery, Supporting PC application software, High accurate sensor, Customizing and creating needed scales

Standard Packaging: (1) Tester Body (1) Dropper (1) Cover (1) Operation Manual (1) USB Lintion 1) Charger (1)18650 Lithium Battery (but battery will not be included due to the air delivery)

Desktop Auto Digital Refractometer Successful Application:

Food and beverage production/biopharmaceutical/metal processing and manufacturing/Environmental protection chemical/automobile maintenance

1. Real-time measurement concentration of  all kinds of industrial solutions, such as: cutting oil, lubricating oil, cleaning fluid, emulsion, release agent.  

2. Concentration measurement of various aqueous solutions (soybean milk, sauce, beer, wort, beverage, fruit juice, pharmaceutical stock, chemical solution, slurry, etc).

Desktop Auto Digital Refractometer Operate Guide:

1、One-click power on, automatic shutdown, easy to operate.
2、HD color digital display, one screen to read all the values.
3、Ultra-low power consumption, one 18650 lithium battery, USB interface, on demand with charge, long standby.

Desktop Auto Digital Refractometer Certificate: 

ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14000 .01 Enviromental Management System Certification, CE certificate, ROSH Certificate


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