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Portable Digital Refractometer

Portable Digital Refractometer is a digital display high precision optical instrument designed by the principle of refraction. Small and beautiful, easy to carry, digital reading. LCD liquid crystal digital display, as long as a few drops of sample solution is placed on the prism, it will be displayed within 3 seconds, which can avoid human subjective error in value interpretation. Suitable for the measurement of almost any liquid such as fruit juice, food and beverage.

Portable Digital Refractometer Instrument Function: with automatic temperature compensation function, automatic shutdown power saving function, as well as temperature display function. Used to control the proportion of dissolved solids or mixtures in a wide range of products, from fresh fruits to chemical raw materials. Portable and easy to operate, the product enables excellent "field" concentration analysis through automatic temperature correction. Accurate one-click measurements and a clear display provide reliable results with easy readings. Its compact design and its clever combination of intelligent software and ergonomic hardware make it the perfect choice for measuring anytime, anywhere.


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