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Ammonia Digital Refractometer

Ammonia water refers to the aqueous solution of ammonia, which is mainly NH3·H2O, colorless and transparent, and has a pungent odor. Ammonia water is volatile and has some alkalinity. It is prepared by passing ammonia gas into water. Industrial ammonia is an aqueous solution containing 25% to 28% ammonia.

The ammonia concentration meter can immediately monitor the concentration of the target component in the solvent, determine the absorption capacity of the solvent to the target component, and decide whether to increase the fresh absorption solvent to improve the absorption efficiency.

Ammonia Digital Refractometer, the use of refraction method to determine the concentration of ammonia, ammonia concentration meter adopts the critical Angle refraction detection principle, detection is not affected by the color of the material, turbidity, bubbles, solid particles and other impurities, with high-precision automatic temperature compensation function.

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