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Portable Auto Digital Refractometer

Small Portable and Delicate, One-click Measurement, Easy to Operate;

Built-in High Precision Image Sensor, Rapid Measurement, Personalized Customization;

Bluetooth Data Communication, APP Automatically Record and Analyze Data;

Temperature Compensation, Ultra-long Standby Time, Type-C Fast Charging.
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Portable Auto Digital Refractometer

Portable Auto Digital Refractometer is a small and delicate, can achieve rapid measurement, easy to operate, suitable for a variety of scenarios of daily measurement of high-precision refractometer products.

Portable Auto Digital Refractometer

Portable Auto Digital Refractometer Selling Point:

One-click measurement, Bluetooth data communication, support for personalized customization

Portable Auto Digital Refractometer Advantages:

1、Built-in high precision image sensor.

2、Fast measurement, with temperature compensation function.

3、Bluetooth data communication, APP automatically record and analyze data.

4、The color of the shell can be customized, and the appearance is small and portable.                                                                                                           

5、Ultra-long standby time, Type-C fast charging

Portable Auto Digital Refractometer Technical Data:

Portable Auto Digital Refractometer Technical Data

Portable Auto Digital Refractometer Application Field:

Food and beverage production/biopharmaceutical/metal processing and manufacturing/Environmental protection chemical/automobile maintenance

Portable Auto Digital Refractometer Successful Application:

1. Real-time measurement concentration of all kinds of industrial solutions, such as: cutting oil, lubricating oil, cleaning fluid, emulsion, release agent;

2. Concentration measurement of various aqueous solutions (soybean milk, sauce, beer, wort, beverage, fruit juice, pharmaceutical stock, chemical solution, slurry, etc.).

Portable Auto Digital Refractometer Product Operate Guide:

1.When using the Portable Auto Digital Refractometer, avoid strong light.

2.Before dropping the sample, wipe the drop tank clean with a dust-free cloth or a clean paper towel.

3.Take measurements with the Portable Auto Digital Refractometer in a stable position.

Can Portable Auto Digital Refractometer Measure Corrosive Liquids?

Clean the droplet as soon as possible after measuring the corrosive liquid to avoid irreparable damage to the prism and metal surface.


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