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Strength Appeared At The 2023 Munich (Shanghai) Biochemical Exhibition

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Strength Appeared At The 2023 Munich (Shanghai) Biochemical Exhibition

Linghang Lijia strength appeared in 2023 Munich (Shanghai) biochemical exhibition

The much-anticipated 2023 Biochemical Exhibition in Munich (Shanghai) was grandly opened on July 11-13, and the Linghang Lijia Booth, which was prepared for a long time, also made a low appearance in the public vision. As a pioneering force in the field of liquid measurement that has participated in the Biochemical exhibition for four consecutive years, what highlights and surprises will it bring to us?

This exhibition, we continue to adhere to the concept of "simple construction, feedback to users", not only put the simple style to the end, but also let the black technology temperament distributed to the extreme.

We use the image of "concise but not  crude, simple but not simple" to face each exhibition audience, save more funds for products, use more booth space to display products and technology, and sincerely return every user.

On-line liquid Measurement Simulation System

At this exhibition, the Linghand Lijia booth with the theme of "liquid measurement black technology, analysis of the industrial future world", the relevant equipment of the simulated industrial site was moved to the booth, and the combination of "product display + simulation experience" focused on how to show online liquid concentration sensor products and supporting solutions to help industrial enterprises optimize and upgrade production lines. Achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

At this exhibition, Linghang Lijia for the first time with the latest research and development of MSDR-SH90, MSDR-SH70, MSDR-SH20 and pen refractometer and other models of online liquid concentration sensor best-selling boutique products and MSDR-P2 and other portable refractometer classic products appeared in this event, attracting many new and old customers stop to consult.

In the context of the special period of global economic downturn, the convening of this biochemical exhibition is of special significance, reflecting China's sincere desire to share market opportunities with the world and promote the recovery of the world economy, and also reflecting China's determination to continue to expand market opening and accelerate the recovery of the world economy.

As the leader of intelligent solutions for liquid measurement in China, we always adhere to the original intention of making in China return to ingenuity, and we refresh the world's impression of made in China with our actions.

Facing the changes in the world and based on long-term development, Linghang Lijia will continue to use the Biochemical Show in Munich to further integrate into the global market, expand the global circle of friends, and show the style of Chinese high-tech enterprises on the international stage.

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Founded in 2013, Linghang Lijia is a supplier of liquid concentration measurement products and industry solutions

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