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Product News

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Product News

     Longhand Lijia MSDR-SH90 Online Liquid Concentration Sensor Hit the Market


 Linghang Lijia New Arrival MSDR-SH90!

 Not afraid of high temperature detection environment!

 MSDR-SH90 Online refractometer Product Advantages:

1.Sapphire prism, high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance
2. High temperature resistance 100℃
3. LCD digital tube can display 5 digits
4. Suitable for a variety of cleaning solutions
5. Also clean free (Dome SH90 has a unique appearance and design patent)

6. Various cleaning solutions are available for different use scenarios (Flat SH90)

  The MSDR-SH90 on-line liquid concentration sensor is a high-precision optical instrument for measuring liquid concentration based on the principle of total reflection of light. Installed on the production line or tank, it can measure the liquid concentration (i.e., soluble solids content Brix value) flowing through the production line pipe or tank to monitor the operation of the production process or the qualified rate of the product in real time.

   MSDR-SH90 on-line liquid concentration sensor can cooperate with automated production equipment to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, effectively ensure the unity and stability of product quality.

MSDR-SH90 Dome series products, with self-cleaning function, with a dedicated flow pool, can avoid the attachment of impurities and bubbles in the liquid, significantly improve the sensor's anti-fouling/anti-bubble ability.

About Our Company

Founded in 2013, Linghang Lijia is a supplier of liquid concentration measurement products and industry solutions

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